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1600 Modern Warfare 3 Gamers Banned by Infinity Ward

More than 1,600 gamers have been banned by Infinity Ward from playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The reason behind the ban is the fact that they cheated by using glitches uncovered in the game.

In fact, this number of banned players may rise as more and more players are seen to be using the "illegal loopholes" to gain advantage, reported

Robert Bowling, creative strategist at Infinity Ward stated in a post, "Any attempt to cheat, hack, or glitch in #MW3 will not be tolerated. 1600+ bans issued. Updates in works. Please [continue] to report offenders", on Twitter. Bowling added, "We are doing mass bans on PC as well while we work on updates."

The latest Call of Duty game has been declared as a hit which is not only breaking records as a computer game but also as a book and box office release.

According to Activision this game has already generated $775 million in sales in the first 5 days of its release which is far more than any other computer game.

The Call of Duty game series has earned more than $6 billion worldwide in sales. Thus, this hugely popular game is one of the most successful game franchise till date.