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5 Things To Know About LogMeIn Rescue

LogMeIn Rescue (opens in new tab) is the ultimate survival tool for those who started a business that needs to support customers from all over the world and where problems could happen at any time. I am not talking only about big names in the industry, companies with over hundreds of employees or something like that, but more of everyone that needs to fix something that happens at the other end of the cloud and were remote services are always needed. LogMeIn Rescue is definitely one the best options out there and if you sincerely want the best, we will show you today five things you need to know about this software.

1. What is LogMeIn Rescue?

LogMeIn Rescue (opens in new tab) is a comprehensive software that offers remote support to a wide range of platforms, allowing technicians based anywhere in the world to "teleport" on the customer premises and fix problems as if they were next to the personnel having an issue. It's easy to use for both administrators and clients, allowing big names in the industry to even install a queuing system where customers await the solution while technicians pick up tickets in a couple of moves.

2. What features should you expect?

First of all, the program is made up by three main parts: A Technician Console, a Customer Applet and an Administration Center. The first one is used by technicians to remotely access the platform needed to be handled, using a direct connection based on a code or a direct link. This link stays awake even when the computer reboots or shuts down, giving access to the technicians straight away after the reboot/shut down process. Using this bundle, administrators can enjoy advanced system diagnostics, complete control over the remote device and also, a chat system.

The Customer Applet is a small program installed on the user end and it's used by the Technician Console to set up the connection. The application is applied only with the user permission and automatically removes itself when the session ends. Using it, a normal person has access to a chat system, a complete history of the work-around, the ability of denying technicians to perform certain actions, a file transfer system and most of all, a stop button that can be used to shut down the link.

Last but not least, the Administration Center is used by the company to create an advanced system where technicians are split into groups with different rights. Using it, the company can create support channels where employees can pick up live tickets using a direct link or, automate the distribution. The feature also allows reports based on the technician performance, the customer satisfaction and other interesting criteria.

3. What about compatibility?

In a few words, LogMeIn Rescue (opens in new tab) works from any desktop terminal running on Windows or Mac OS X or any other server based operating systems.

LogMeIn Rescue allows your company to attend problems on almost every existing platform out there: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Nokia's Symbian and also, Windows Mobile. Unfortunately, the program is not available for Linux.

4. Is it secure?

This tool uses a VPN connection to establish a link between the customer and technicians, making the session secure and impossible to trace or be interfered. Technicians use a temporary password to login from any terminal that can handle a SOAP or HTTP protocol.

5. How much does it cost?

At the moment LogMeIn Rescue (opens in new tab) can be used for $129/ month plus $90 if you want to add the smartphone plan. Those wishing to pay upfront for a whole year will get a major discount and would only slash $1,188 of their wallets, plus $768 for the mobile plan. If you wish to try the program, a free trial is available on the official website (opens in new tab) for up to 20 days.