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Airport Scanners Damaging Amazon Kindles?

Several travellers have complained that the X-ray scanners at airports have mangled the screen of their Amazon Kindle e-reader devices.

According to The Telegraph, travellers claim that the electronic ink display that comes with the Kindle gets damaged due to the radiation of the x-ray scanners at airports.

"After my Kindle went through the X-ray scanner at Madrid airport, it no longer worked. I had been reading an e-book on the way to the airport so I knew there could be no other reason," said Michael Hart, from London.

"A phone call was made and someone came along and took photographs of the bad display. It's my belief that the scanner operator - who subsequently questioned me about a radio in my bag - had used a high dose to look into the radio, and the Kindle, too." he added.

However, experts believe that the damaging of e-ink displays might be the result of something more sinister than x-ray scanners. Professor Daping Chu, Chairman of the University of Cambridge centre for Advanced Photonics claims that airport x-ray scanners are not powerful enough to damage the display.

He claims that the screens might get damaged due to the build-up of static charge created when the rubber belts are rubbed.