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Apple iPad 2 Now Available For £365

The iPad 2 tablet can now be had for as little as £365 from a top-rated seller on Ebay, Digigood.

This is the cheapest price you will find for a brand new, unused, still under warranty Apple iPad 2 tablet. Apple itself sells it for £399, with the only advantage you get going direct being the free engraving.

Apple's iPad 2 currently rules the tablet market even if the product commands such a big premium; the 64GB 3G iPad for example costs a staggering £659, nearly three times the price of the 16GB RIM Blackberry PlayBook sold by Digigood.

The iPad 2 was launched back in March; it comes with a dual core Apple A5 SoC, 512MB RAM, a 1024x768 pixel 9.7-inch touchscreen. Wi-Fi, great battery life, a very slim profile and a number of other unique features like AirMirror.

The availability of iOS5 means that the iPad 2 has inherited a few new goodies like iMessage, reminders, notification center, the ability to operate freely from a PC and Newsstand.

The followup to the iPad 2 is expected to be launched in the first half of next year, possibly being the first major product launch after the death of Steve Jobs back in October.

The iPad 3 will almost certainly have a quad core chipset and hopefully a new Retina Display screen.

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