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Apple iPad Tops Kids' Christmas Wish List

A recent survey by Nielsen questioning 3,000 children and young people in the US shows Apple's devices are the most-wanted items this holiday season. The survey (opens in new tab) measured their interest in buying/receiving various electronics products and also revealed brand awareness among the young consumers.

Kids from 6 to 12 years old, when asked about their preferences expressed an overwhelming attraction to iDevices: 44% of them declared their interest in getting an iPad, compared to 31% who had expressed their preference for an iPad in a similar survey last year. The iPod Touch and iPhone came in second and third position in the kids' hearts, with 30% and 27% respectively.

If anyone suspected that young consumers are overlooking gaming, rest assured, Nintendo 3DS (25%) and Kinect for Xbox 360 (23%) as well as the older models of gaming consoles were also mentioned as favoured gifts.

A quarter of the kids registered their interest in presents classified under the generic terms "computer" and "tablet computer non-iPad".

Among consumers a bit older, aged 13 and above, the interest in the iPad decreases, only 18% of them expressing an interest in buying or receiving Apple's tablet.

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