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BT Increases Internet Speeds in Stamford and Surrounding Areas

BT will soon install new business broadband links in Stamford which will also benefit surrounding areas. This link will tremendously increase the speed on Internet connectivity.

BT has started the work by adding fibre-optic cables in the area, according to Rutland and Stamford Mercury, as reported (opens in new tab) by Telappliant VoIP news.

This development will benefit about 11,000 homes and businesses in the area and provide online speeds up to 100 Mbps. If newspapers are to be believed, at present, this area has no access to any links that provide more than 40Mbps.

Paul Bimson, BT's regional partnership director said, "It will transform their experience of the Internet. They're joining the more than five million UK premises now served by what we believe to be the world's fastest growing fibre network."

BT also recently announced that the Infinity 3 will be made available in UK which will offer up to 100Mbps speeds.

In the Stamford and nearby areas, BT has established cabinets in Station Road, Lady Romayne Close, Ryhall Road, All Saints' Place and Warrenne Keep for the fibre optic cables. BT is the leading telecommunication company operating in UK that largely influences the plans and targets set by the government and related to communications.