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Computer Expert Helps Catch Laptop Thief Sitting 2000 Miles Away

David Duffy hacked his way into a laptop stolen 2000 miles away and used the built-in camera to help identify the suspected thief.

According to Daily Mail, Mike Birtwhistle's two Apple MacBooks were stolen when his holiday home in Tenerife was ransacked. They had almost given up hope when his business partner and IT expert David Duffy discovered that one of the laptops were online.

By using remote control software, which is generally used for troubleshooting, Duffy was able to gain control of the laptop and click an image of the thief using the laptop's webcam.

He handed over the image to the police who eventually arrested the thief and recovered the two stolen laptops.

"The guy appeared to be using another computer in the room. His face was side on. All of a sudden, he must have turned around and saw what I was doing. The laptop would have lit up and he tried to take control," Duffy said.

"It is a victory for technology over crime. I would be very cautious these days if I was a crook stealing laptops. The technology available is unbelievable." he proclaimed.

[Image source: Daily Mail]