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Fair Usage Wins Over Copyright Infringement as Publisher Drops Suit

The Democratic Underground has won an important lawsuit against a LA based publications company, which had accused it of copyright infringement.

According to PC World, Democratic Underground was sued by Stephens Media, which publishes the Las Vegas Review Journal after DU posted five lines belonging to a copyrighted article on its forum.

DU had denied breaking the copyright rule and claimed immunity under the fair use act. The lawsuit was filed by another company called Righthaven on behalf of Stephens Media. The judge presiding over the case criticised both the organisations for filing the lawsuit.

DU is backed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and had decided to counter sue in order to protect its rights.

In the end, Stephens Media took its complaint back and allowed the court to throw the case out and admitted that DU had not conducted copyright infringement by posting 5 lines of an article.

"This concession comes after more than a year of needless litigation Stephens Media never should have authorized Righthaven to file this suit in the first place, and should never have wasted our client's and the court's time with its attempts to keep Righthaven's frivolous claim alive for the last year." said EFF Senior Staff Attorney Kurt Opsahl.