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Firmware Updates Available for Select Windows Phone Devices and Carriers

Microsoft and Windows Phone partners are rolling out new firmware updates as well as bug fixes for users on a few selected carriers. Updates also include remedies for a nagging Exchange Server 2003 compatibility issue.

Users of the Samsung Focus 1.4 on AT&T are finally getting the Windows Phone OS 7.1 or Mango updates from 17th November, confirmed a Microsoft official. And according to a Windows Phone blog post, Samsung Omnia 7 users on Telefonica are at the stage of scheduling at present, as reported (opens in new tab) by ZDNet.

Starting this week, more firmware updates will be available for selected Window Phone models, according to the company. Even though the exact details have not been disclosed yet, company executives said that new Mango features as well as functionality such as tethering support, adjustable ringer volume and much more will be added to particular phones available on selected carriers.

A "service release" built 7.10.7740 which fixes "an issue with new voice mail notifications not appearing for customers on some European and Asian networks under certain conditions." is also being rolled out for certain Windows Phone users. Many carriers are releasing this update whereas many others are evaluating them first.