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IBM Powers Data Centre in Bangalore, India Using Solar Energy

Green living definitely does not refer to computer data centres, however, IBM is planning to install a 6,000 sq. foot array of solar panels positioned near Bangalore, India; this installation will be able to provide 575 volts to operate a single server.

The new solar power based system is capable of running the India based company's computer equipment of 50 kilowatts for around 330 days for 5 hours per day. This will also serve as an alternative source of power if Bangalore faces difficulty in supplying power to their customers, reports (opens in new tab) Z6 Mag.

In fact, it seems IBM can install batteries and store a good amount of power. With a larger array of solar panels and ample roof capacity, the company will be able to run a 24/7 data center on solar energy.

The outcome is that now remote places in the world can also be connected with the rest of the world using solar supplied energy source. Thus, IBM's initiative can be viewed as a ground breaking and innovative creation. Even though solar powered technology is around for many decades, it is still a relatively new source of energy for large corporations.