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Kroes Says Europeans Hate Copyright System

The European Commission has said that consumers look upon copyright as some sort of punishment, criticising the existing copyright system.

European Commission vice president for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes has claimed that the current copyright system is not delivering enough benefits to the artists and asked media companies to embrace new forms of legal content distribution instead of battling it.

Speaking during the Forum D'Avignon, Kroes said that artists were not rewarded enough under the existing, broken down copyright system and the general public was also largely opposed to the copyright and what it represents, The Register reports.

"Is the current copyright system the right and only tool to achieve our objectives? Not really." Kroes said.

She also added that ‘citizens increasingly hear the word copyright and hate what is behind it. Many see the current system as a tool to punish and withhold, not a tool to recognize and reward'.

She also said that due to the age-old laws currently in place, it was rather difficult to implement and try new copyright systems. Kroes also pointed out that internet and cloud computing were great tools to distribute media among the masses but current copyright laws and the existing outlook of media companies was preventing them from making the best of these technologies.