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Late News: Windows Phone Marketplace: 40000 Apps, Siri Proxy, US Water System Hacked, Bill Gates to Testify in Court

At present Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform has 40,000+ apps as well as games in its Marketplace it has been revealed. Even though there is a long way for Microsoft's smartphone operating system to travel as compared to Android or iOS, year 2012 seems very bright and hopeful for this platform as its phones will have less-expensive hardware options, NFC and 4G LTE capabilities.

A hacker has created a proxy server for Apple's Siri voice controlled assistant that comes with the iPhone 4S, which allows him to control the temperature of a thermostat using voice controls. The hacker, who is known by his Twitter handle @plamoni, created a third party proxy server which connects with Apple's server.

A computer security expert disclosed that hackers successfully destroyed a pump which was used by US water utility. The hackers got unauthorised access to an industrial control system via machines through which the pumps were operated.

Online retail giant Amazon is expected to sell 4 million Kindle Fire units by the end of this year, effectively disrupting the tablet market. Earlier, analysts were expecting Amazon to sell 2.5 million Kindle Fire tablets in the fourth quarter of 2012 but, analysts have almost doubled their expected figures based on the massive demand the device is enjoying.

This week, Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft will be visiting Salt Lake for testifying in an anti-trust lawsuit fought between Microsoft and Provo-based Novell Inc. According to Novell Inc., anti-trust laws have been violated by Microsoft and thus they are seeking an amount between $500 million and $1.2 billion from the technology giant.

Ravi Mandalia

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