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McAfee Warns of Increased Malware on Android OS

The Android operating system is on the hit list of malware, it seems. The number of malware targeted for Android based phone is on the rise, according to numerous reports.

As per McAfee's security report for third quarter 2011, malware designed for Android based phones has risen approximately 37 percent from what it used to be just one quarter back. This means a 76 percent rise of Android malware during the second quarter, as reported (opens in new tab) by Tech Crunch.

A year ago, McAfee made a prediction that malware might reach 70 million unique samples after one year which is end of 2011. But the amount predicted has been increased to 75 million by the tech security firm. McAfee also declared that this period is the busiest period in malware history.

On this rapid growth, McAfee commented that this is the direct result in the increased popularity of Android devices during the quarter. Thus, this platform was the only platform for the latest malware in the third quarter.

The most widely used form of trickery during this quarter were Trojans which send SMS and collect personal information to steal money. However, the latest method used to steal information is malware that records conversations and sends the recorded conversations to the attacker.