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Microsoft Files Employee Workplace Monitoring Technology Patent

Microsoft has filed a patent for a system that allows an organisation to keep tabs on the activities of its employees.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on The Register, the patent describes a system which allow a company to keep track of employees using computers, phone calls, and physical gestures. The system is also capable of informing the human resource department if someone is not behaving as they should.

"Desired and undesired behaviours and applicable organisational contexts may be defined and action plans developed," the patent application states.

"The behaviours may then be monitored through communication sessions between members and analysed for comparison to the action plans such that feedback may be provided at individual and/or organisational levels to influence the behaviours," it also states.

The Microsoft patent claims if employees trust their bosses then it is equal to a pay rise. Therefore to foster such feelings and behaviour, a system can be developed to monitor employees and make sure they act and behave as they should.

Apart from taking data from emails sent by employees and the time spent working on certain applications, the system can also be used to monitor people's hand gestures and other behaviour.