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Microsoft Files Patent for Wind Energy Technology to Power Data Centres

Microsoft plans to patent a technology that allows data centres to be powered by wind energy.

Lately, many companies have been trying to use their intellectual property to show the competition who is the boss. In doing so, they may file patents for things which no one thought could be patented.

According to an article on Toms Hardware, the company's patent application shows a data centre powered by a wind energy power generator, which runs by ‘blades mounted to the top of a tower', referring to the wind turbines.

Effectively, Microsoft is trying to secure rights for creating a data centre not connected to an electricity grid, but to a wind turbine powered generator. The patent application describes how servers are stacked up in a rack and how these servers can determine how much wind energy is being produced.

Microsoft states in the patent application that servers can be programmed to draw power from batteries if the wind energy is not sufficient. There is nothing new in the patent filing which allows Microsoft to claim its rights except that the hollow wind turbines can be used as chimneys for the heat generated in the data centre.