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Microsoft Releases Silent Update for Xbox 360; Help Combat Piracy

Microsoft has released a silent update for the Xbox 360 platform that prevents people from playing pirated games on the console.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on Attack of the Fanboy website, the company made the silent update without user consent and without many being aware that it actually took place at all.

The update changes the DAE.bin on the Xbox 360 consoles now work with the AP 2.5 disc protection technology. Whenever users play a game using this protection technology, the next time they log on to the Xbox Live platform, their consoles will get flagged, resulting in a possible console ban at a later stage.

Many are expecting the announcement of mass bans or warnings to be made by Microsoft soon. The company has searched and tested multiple ways to combat piracy on its platform in the past - this latest attempt could help it achieve that goal.

The last time Microsoft had carried out mass ban was in 2009, when the company had banned Xbox Live accounts playing pirated versions of Halo Reach. The company also does not approve of consoles that have been modded by users.