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Pakistan Bans Offensive Words from Texts Starting Today

Telecom watchdog agency in Pakistan has banned more than 1,600 words for being offensive, from being used is SMS, starting today.

This week a blacklist prepared by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has been leaked to the media which contains 1,109 English and 586 Urdu words. Even though the list has many words that carry sexual connotations and cuss words but at the same time there are few surprises in store.

The blacklist has words like "condom", "intercourse" and also "breast" which can still be considered as being explicit but word like "hostage", "period", "monkey crotch", "flatulence" and "Jesus Christ" are a surprise as being termed as offensive.

According to reports, mobile phone companies operating in the country have received commands to screen messages from 21st November. Two companies have confirmed the news that they have received the list to BBC.

If the telecom regulators in the country succeed in executing their plans then phone users, from Monday, will not be able to send text that has word like homo, damn, gay, crap, lesbian, flatulence, slime and many other words with "obscene" or "offensive" words.

The mobile phone operators will be filtering the contents of SMS text message to find violation of this regulation.