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Simple and easy unlocking of Apple iPhone 4S instructions

Application developer Chronic (opens in new tab) has posted information to twitter surrounding an easy and simple way to unlocked an Apple iPhone 4S, to be used on any network and not just the one the phone is initially tied to.

Chronic posted this information over twitter from the account @chronic, in a tweet (opens in new tab) that reads: ‘ have not personally tried but may be useful to some • RT @xoicos: 4S Unlock, confirmed. via @pastebin ‘

The information (opens in new tab) on the website reads –

1 Insert original carrier AT&T SIM card

2 Dial 611 for AT&T customer service hotline and drop the call

3 Turn on Airplane Mode

4 Take out AT&T SIM card

5 Insert T-Mobile SIM card

6 Make sure WiFi is off ( also tap on ‘Forget this Network” to make sure it doesn’t connect automatically later)

7 Switch off Airplane Mode and iPhone will search for network. This is followed by the Apple splash screen appearing.

8 Activation Required will be displayed on the screen

9 EDGE network will activate automatically – notice the ‘E’ on the top left corner of the screen

10 Wait for about 20-30 seconds and turn off the phone

11 Turn on iPhone and the same Activation Required screen will be displayed

12 When you see one signal bar, tap on Use Cellular Connection

13 Eject SIM card

14 Activation Required screen will be displayed the second time

15 Insert SIM card

16 Unlocked!

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