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T-Mobile outs iPhone 4S looking Vivacity Android mobile phone

One part of the Everything Everywhere umbrella company T-Mobile has made public it will soon be carrying an own branded mobile phone known as the T-Mobile Vivacity.

T-Mobile released their intentions from their ‘Coming Soon’ page on their own website, but when One Mobile Ring contacted the company the mobile phone network did not wish to comment on the handset.

The rebranded T-Mobile Vivacity has an appearance of an Apple iPhone 4 or the newer 4S, but appears to be running the Android OS – judging by the image on T-Mobile website.

T-Mobile’s main ‘Coming Soon (opens in new tab)’ webpage notes the Vivacity has a 3.5-inch touchscreen, with a 5 megapixel camera, running from Android ‘Gingerbread’ 2.3 and is due in December 2011.

It has been reported (opens in new tab) that T-Mobile Vivacity is made by ZTE, with confirmation of this on the Bluetooth SIG (opens in new tab)site with the look of a higher-end version of the ZTE Score (opens in new tab) that was introduced by Cricket in the US not long ago.

OMR has also spoken to ZTE to uncover which handset of theirs the T-Mobile Vivacity actually is, only the company has redirected us back to T-Mobile who cannot help on the matter.

Stay tuned to One Mobile Ring and we will bring you more information, as an when we discover more.

T-Mobile Vivacity (opens in new tab)

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