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UK Retailer M&S Enhances Online Shopping with Help from IBM

UK retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) has confirmed they will be using IBM software for Smarter Commerce to transform their website into a worldwide marketplace. The idea is to allow customers to shop easily from any device and any country as well as any channel irrespective of whether are are viewing, calling, walking, jogging, or surfing the net.

This move by the retail giant is an effort to capitalise on the rapid growth of mobile, social, along with multi-channel purchasing, by consumers in this digital era.

With the help of IBM, Marks & Spencer is hoping to increase its overall appeal to online consumers domestically and globally.

The goal of M&S is to become U.K.'s leading and largest multi-channel retailer. The company is focused on growing sales from 800 million pounds Sterling to 1 billion pounds by 2013/2014 from current figures of 543 million pounds in 2010/2011, as reported (opens in new tab) by Market Watch.

Davis Hogg, commerce solutions lead at IBM said, "The explosion of personalised data now accessible to consumers through social media, online and mobile interactions is causing fundamental changes in the way retailers operate."

And according to Hogg,"It requires a new approach - which IBM calls Smarter Commerce."