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Universal Music Drags Grooveshark to Court Over Copyright Infringement

Universal Music has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against music website Grooveshark for allegedly posting more than 100,000 songs on the website illegally.

According to c|net, in the lawsuit, Universal claims that it has emails and other records that show that Grooveshark executives and employees posted illegally obtained music on the website, of which, thousands were well known recordings owned by the Universal Music Group.

Until now, Grooveshark has been protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which states that the website is not responsible for the content uploaded and shared by users. However, if it is proven that Grooveshark itself uploaded the illegal songs, then it might be in for a lot of trouble.

"[The business records of Escape Media Group, Grooveshark's parent company,] establish unequivocally that the sound recordings illegally copied by Escape's executives and employees, include thousands of well known sound recordings owned by UMG.", the record company wrote in the lawsuit, which was filed in the US District Court of Manhattan.

Universal Music has asked for a permanent injunction on the website and is demanding $150,000 per infringement. The company claims that more than 1000 songs belonging to it were published illegally.