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US Water Utility Systems Allegedly Hacked

A computer security expert disclosed that hackers successfully destroyed a pump which was used by US water utility. The hackers got unauthorised access to an industrial control system via machines through which the pumps were operated.

Managing partner at Applied Control Solutions, Joe Weiss, gave the details of the attack and said that most probably the attackers executed the attack after hacking into the systems of supervisory control and data acquisition software maker that were used by the utility and made away with user names and passwords of the customers of the manufacturer.

The identity of the attacker is still unknown but the IP addresses used for the attack belong to Russia.

Weiss also provided an official government report of that state where regional water district is placed. This government report was published on 10th November two days after the hack was discovered.

Weiss commented, "Over a period of two to three months, minor glitches had been observed in remote access to the water district's SCADA system," reported The Register.

To get the government report Weiss had to accept the condition that the water utility as well as its location state should not be disclosed. However, US Department of Homeland Security pointed out the location to be Springfield, Illinois.