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£19.48 Belkin 8-Plug Conserve Surge with Timer Extension Lead

During this day and age where carbon footprint and greener IT are the talk of the town, Belkin presents the 8-Plug Conserve Surge with Timer Extension Lead that is capable to not only extending power connectivity in your home or office, but also works towards reducing your carbon footprint.

Belkin Conserve Surge equipped with a timer is both cost- as well as energy-saving solutions for businesses that are looking to save on power bills and want to invest on technology that would in turn help lower their carbon footprint.

Through the Belkin Conserve surge, power consumption is reduced right at the workstation giving managers the capability to reduce energy bills, conserve power as well as the benefit of working towards a greener office.

Some of the important features of the conserve surge are Simple, one-touch on/off button, Automatic timer, Overall intuitive design, White switchable outlets designed to match white control element, etc.

The vendor is offering the conserve surge in a dual pack whereby you get two conserve surges capable of powering quite a few workstations in your office environment.

MyMemory is offering Two Belkin 8-Plug Conserve Surge with Timer Extension Lead for £19.48.