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30Gbps wireless technology detailed

Wireless speeds in the tens of gigabits per second could be just around the corner thanks to new chips that use the terahertz spectrum for transmission and cost as little as £1 to manufacture.

Similar to current-generation Wi-Fi products, the adapter for these new wireless transmission devices is only a couple of centimetres long, though it does require an antenna to function properly.

Developed in partnership with a research team at Osaka University, Japanese electronics firm Rohm has so far tested the chips at 1.5Gb/s, with a theoretical ceiling of the technology somewhere around 30Gb/s. This is vast improvement over current generations of Wi-Fi, which max out at 600Mb/s in an an ideal scenario.

While these aren't the first terahertz components to be produced, they are a lot faster and a lot cheaper to manufacture than previous efforts. TechCrunch reports that previous attempts at making hardware that supports this spectrum were only capable of 0.1Gbps data transfer speeds and cost "several million Yen" to produce. Current conversion rates put a million Yen at just over £8,300.

Theoretically, the introduction of a terahertz spectrum would also allow for an increased number of overlapping Wi-Fi networks. Due to being on an entirely different spectrum, the terahertz networks could be run alongside traditional gigahertz ones without interference.

Rohm claims that it has plans to begin manufacturing these devices in three to four years' time. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.