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Alcatel Provides Cloud Computing to Carriers

For carriers focused to take 100 percent advantage of Alcatel-Lucent's networks to deliver up-to-the-mark performance, Alcatel is working on the development of cloud computing platform, the "CloudBand."

Carriers can avail the benefit of this platform for running their own software and provide cloud computing services to various enterprises. Alcatel said the cloud service can make internal processes faster and cheaper to introduce and also operate services so subscribers will get more predictable and better performance than what they are getting in the current clouds.

The carrier companies will be allowed to sell the cloud computing services with a guarantee of availability and also response times, as confirmed by the company, PC World reports.

Dor Skuler, vice president of cloud solutions at Alcatel, said that service providers are presented with the facility to build their own cloud data centres as well as link those to their infrastructure. This will give an edge in the performance while using the open Internet.

Skuler said, "There's so many choices, and you have limited resources," on the fact that there are different types of requirements required by different users and that the company wants to ensure the best of services for all of them.