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Almost a Quarter of Brits Regret Buying an iPhone

After a survey revealed that a quarter of iPad owners in the UK were not happy with their purchase and don't really use it much, now a study shows that a significant number of iPhone owners in the country regret their choice of smartphone, Cnet UK reports.

The survey by GoodMobilePhones polled 1,694 iPhone owners and found that 22% of the respondents regret the purchase. The main reason for their change of heart was because they coveted rival smartphones, as 43% of those asked admitted.

Mark Owen, owner of declared that this motive was not at all surprising, since "everybody wants to believe that they own the 'best' phone on the market" and the competition is often fierce".

Other reasons mentioned by the British users who had fallen out of love with their phones are battery life (25%) lack of 'buttons' (13%), difficulty using emails (8%) and unsatisfying functionality (5%).

On the UK smartphone market, Android based handsets are the most popular, with about 25% of the total smartphone owners, while iPhones were the preferred option for about 20% of this market.

With the recent shortcomings that iPhone 4S users have complained about, such as the short battery life span and the limited functionality of Siri in the UK, it is possible that Apple's smartphone may face a further decrease in market share.

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