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Apple Advertises Huge Savings for November 26th Sale

A teaser ad, posted by Apple on the homepage of their online store in the UK, promises a "special one-day event" to be held on November 25th when the store will be offering discounted products.

Incidentally, 25 November, which is this Friday, is famously known as "Black Friday" in the US is the day after the Thanksgiving holiday and also traditionally marks the start of the Christmas shopping season.

About the "one-day event," Apple has not revealed anything except that they have promised "amazing iPod, iPad and Mac gifts" and also "special pricing along with free delivery" of products purchased online that day.

Apple has a record of running a Black Friday promotion and marketing strategy every year with past records showing that, at times, Apple gives unbelievable discounts to some of their flagship products making the buyer really lucky, as reported (opens in new tab) by Macworld UK.

The Black Friday event banner has appeared in UK, Italian, Australian and many other international Apple online stores. However, surprisingly, such banners has not been displayed in the US online store. But it should be uploaded to the US online store as well. So gear up for some amazing Apple products at cheaper prices for the holiday season.