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Apple Dominates PC Market, According to Canalys

Showing their faith and optimism, Canalys' analysts said they are hoping shipments of PC's and tablets will rise about 15 percent in the current year. According to statistics released by Canalys, Apple will dominate the market.

Shipments of PC's will hit 415 million in the current year; 59 million of them will be tablets. In the present quarter, 22 million shipments of tablets have been predicted. Also, the sale of notebooks is expected to be 103 million units, which is 10 percent higher than last year.

According to Canalys, the North America market will expand by 18 percent, which represents the sale of 103 million units including tablets. Thus, the growth of the market is less than 1 percent, as reported by Tom's Hardware Guide.

Tim Coulling, Canalys Analyst said, "Apple has seen its PC market share expand from 9 percent to 15 percent in just four quarters, though iPad shipments in its core market - the United States..."

Canalys is a well-known market research firm that includes tablets in PC forecasts - a practise they are often criticised for. Adding tablets in PC surveys and research gives Apple ample advantage over other manufacturers.