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Apple May Use NVIDIA Processors in Upcoming 2012 MacBooks

If the latest rumours are to be believed then Apple might be going back to using NVIDIA graphics processors for their 2012 MacBook computer models.

NVIDIA GPUs might start returning from the next spring when Apple notebook's are predicted to be renewed with Ivy Bridge, Intel's gen-next chips, as reported by SemiAccurate.

About three years ago, Apple decided to boot NVIDIA to favour AMD chipsets, but recent issues related to AMD Llano supply capability and failure to implement them in latest MacBook Air made Apple go back to NVIDIA. Even though this might not be the best choice, there is no other alternative available for them.

Apple is currently working on the latest MacBook Pro to be launched in 2012, which will have features like a unique, thinner and lighter chassis; something which is similar to the MacBook Air line of products.

The last Apple MacBook Pro models that had NVIDIA graphics were launched in 2010. However, the high end and latest 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros which were introduced in early 2011 had complete AMD graphics, as reported by Apple Insider.