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Cheapest iPhone 4 Deal Now Available For £25 A Month

The cheapest iPhone 4 monthly contract in the UK is currently on offer from a Carphone Warehouse subsidiary called OneStopPhoneShop which is selling the handset on a two year contract for £25 per month.

What's more is that there is no upfront cost (Three charges up to £129 for the handset on a £25 plan). Unfortunately, the plan is a rather slim one (but that is to be expected given the price).

There's 100 minutes, 5000 texts and 500MB data which will only suffice for very light users.

The new iPhone 4 has only 8GB onboard storage compared to 16GB and 32GB for the previous models.

Though it does have the same amount of onboard memory (512MB) and the same chassis and screen as the newer iPhone 4S.

The latter adds a dual core Apple A5 chipset, a much better camera and Siri voice assistant.

Many of the new features available on iOS5 will run on the iPhone 4. That said, the iPhone 4 will have a hard time competing against more powerful Android-based handsets like the Samsung Galaxy W series or Windows phone handsets like the Nokia Lumia 800.

For those looking for a more balanced offer, Three offers the phone with 500 minutes and 1GB data (plus 5000 texts) from £30 per month.

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