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Facebook Includes Ads to News Ticker

Facebook's homepage ticker received a new addition, the sponsored story, which can be considered as best performing type of ad on Facebook.

Earlier in September, the test version of the ads started appearing intermittently on the ticker but from now on such promotional activity will always appear on the screen in ticker which will be based on keywords of the posts surrounding it.

All Facebook reports that Even though the social networking giant is offering seven different variations on the ads, more and more sponsored likes are being seen of the ticker whereby the ad says that their friends like a particular page or a brand.

There are concerns over mixing ads with non-sponsored content with sponsored content but there is a label in the ads that identifies "sponsored" ads.

Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said via email that, "We recently made some changes to Facebook that help surface more engaging content, whether paid or organic, to people using Facebook," reported CNN.

According to critics, this new feature is distracting "a constantly buzzing home for oversharing of the highest order" reported CNN. However, once changes are introduced users get used to it or silently accept it and with Facebook it has always been the truth.