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Flash Coming to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Not Android 5

Adobe has confirmed its plans of reviving the 'dying' flash and bringing it to Android Ice Cream Sandwich before the end of this year.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one of the earliest adopter of Google's Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. However, the absence of pre-loaded mobile Adobe Flash in this device was a matter of concern as the feature was nowhere in the Android Market.

As a matter of fact the recent declaration that the Adobe is discontinuing Flash led to an abrupt end of this feature that was unique to Android in mobile operating system segment. However, Adobe in the recent confirmation made their position regarding the Flash crystal clear.

The most recent Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich will have a developed version of the Adobe Flash Player and the updated version of the player should reach Android Market before end of this year. But the bad news is that this is the last major update of the mobile Flash Player. So this means any next major Android version will not be having any Flash Player plug-in, reported Maximum PC.

Adobe's spokesman said, "Adobe will release one more version of the Flash Player for mobile browsing, which will provide support for Android 4.0, and one more release of the Flash Linux Porting Kit - both expected to be released before the end of this year", reports Pocket-lint.

This major development can be viewed as end of the era of Flash Player and perhaps the beginning of HTML5 generation.