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Google Apps for Business Gaining Momentum?

Google Apps for Business is striving to bite a chunk out of Microsoft's Office empire and for the time being it seems that they are doing well by giving stiff competition to the corporate giant.

Various reports regarding the growth of Google Apps for Business are doing rounds on the Internet and one such report is that the Milwaukee-based "Journal Communications" is planning to move thousands over to Google's newest Apps over the next few months reports The New York Times.

And, this is one of the 5,000 business that Google is closing deals with every day because of the Apps' low cost which is 50 to 80 percent cost effective than Microsoft Office. Further, the Google Apps for Business provides services that are socially integrated.

Director of Google's Business Apps group, David Girouard said, "You need to have a social system, where a guy can introduce an idea... and [get] input from a lot of people quickly."

Even though Google apps are feature rich and relevant to the current scenario, still it is facing some difficulty in targeting large corporate environments because of Microsoft Office' entrenchment and also the bigger challenge of transferring end users to this new system.