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Google Cuts Price Of Chromebook In US

Google has cut the price of its ChromeOS-based laptops, or Chromebooks, down to $299 from the $350 for the Acer AC700, and down to $350 from $430 for the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook.

The price drop has yet to be mirrored in the UK at the time of writing, where the Samsung Chromebook sells for £349 while the Acer AC700 has yet to appear in the UK.

According to the WashingtonPost, the price cut was part of a series of announcements over some significant changes to the Chromebook range, including the streamlining of the login process, and making managing apps, bookmarks and favourite websites easier.

Chromebook devices are still limited by the fact that they are essentially useless when offline, and have to rely on cloud-based apps rather than locally located ones.

Also, Chromebooks are still way too expensive compared to traditional laptops, which offer much more flexibility often at cheaper prices.

The current crop of Chromebooks are based on the Intel Atom processor with 2GB RAM and a solid state hard disk.

The next generation Chromebook devices are expected to use ARM-based chipsets to save on money and increase battery life.