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Google revamps iPad search app

Google has unveiled an update for its search application on the iPad, speeding up its operation as well as improving the way users interact with the app.

One of the engineers behind the search app, Daniel Fish, has been front and centre discussing the changes that they made. "Whether you're doing research and comparing results, or exploring beautiful imagery, we have added new features to make the app more interactive, more visual and to help you find what you want more easily," he said.

"You'll notice that searching is faster and more interactive from your first keystroke. As soon as you begin to type, Google Instant starts to display results, so you don't even need to press the search button."

Making use of the touchscreen, Google's search app can be navigated with a wide variety of gestures, allowing you to flit between pages of search results and previous images that you've looked at. The Inquirer reports that another feature is the ability to zone in on the part of a site you were looking for in your original search by clicking on a magnifying glass in the top corner of the page.

Some short reviews have already appeared on the revamped application's iTunes page, with two people offering high ratings and claims that it's faster than before and "the best Google app." However, a third reviewer claims that the new app doesn't have its notifications in one place and that he/she wants a return to badge alerts. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.