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Nearly 35% Brits 'Unhappy' With Their Social Lives Reveals Survey

Around 35 percent of Britons are unhappy with their existing social lives, a new survey has claimed.

In a study conducted by, it has discovered that 35 percent of Londoners are unhappy with their social lives while 24 percent refrain from going out on Saturday nights because of money issues reports Huffington Post.

According to the study, around 22 percent admitted that they stayed home every Saturday night while 34 percent claimed that they stayed home on Saturday nights in order to relax. 14 percent of the respondents said that they stayed at home so that they don't miss their favourite TV program.

Delving deeper, the survey found that 17 percent of the respondents did not go out at all in a typical week while 33 percent claimed that they enjoyed one night out in a week on an average.

"Londoners have a reputation for always being out having a good time but our survey shows that perhaps people aren't as sociable as we might think. Money worries are certainly having an impact but it's clear that people would welcome new ways to meet like-minded people to improve their social life." Lloyd Price of Badoo. com said in a statement.