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Nokia Lumia 601 mobile phone leaks

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has had another Windows Phone 7 handset leaked in the Lumia 601, with a possible smaller screen than currently seen in their announced range.

Images of this handset have been published on the phone news website (opens in new tab), along with details relating to the yet-to-be unveiled mobile.

The website notes: ‘ [the picture] came from a pretty reliable source and depicts a handset seemingly leaked by Nokia itself in a developer video this past week’.

‘we're not sure what to make of this image. [as] it looks a little bit off -- not like the product renders we're used to seeing.’, adds

The site went on to state - ‘If it is in fact genuine -- meaning representative of a real-world handset -- then we'd seem to be looking at a phone even lower-end, relatively, than the Lumia 710, according to Nokia's new device nomenclature.’

Finishing with: ‘Since no specs were available to accompany the image, we can't be certain that holds true here, especially with what appears to be an eight-megapixel camera aboard (the 710 offers a five-megapixel shooter).’

One Mobile Ring believes the image looks remarkably close to the Symbian Belle powered Nokia 500, which could very well be recycled to a WP7 device, just as the MeeGo N9 hardware was reused for the Lumia 800.

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