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Oracle Introduces New WebLogic Server

Oracle is planning to unveil a new version of its WebLogic server in an online event on December.

According to the company website, the new WebLogic Server 12c will replace the WebLogic Server 11g platform, which has launched back in 2009, PC World reports.

Incidentally, the ‘c' stands for ‘cloud' indicating that the company is flexing its cloud muscle for everyone to see, after famously denying its existence sometime ago.

"Today most businesses have the ambition to move to a cloud infrastructure. However, IT needs to maintain and invest in their current infrastructure for supporting today's business. With Oracle WebLogic, the #1 app server in the marketplace, we provide you with the best of both worlds," said the company in a note announcing the launch event of the platform.

Oracle said the server has been designed to allow organisations to effortlessly move into public or private clouds and reduce development time and cost. The company said the server had been designed to support applications based on Java Platform, Enterprise Edition, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Fusion Applications platforms.