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Qualcomm Manufactures Display Screens for Kyobo E-Reader

Qualcomm has announced that the South Korea Kyobo Book Center will use its new Mirasol display is its e-reader device.

The companies said the Mirasol display technology will allow the e-reader to go without a charge for weeks on end, according to a Business Week report.

Mirasol, which is a color e-paper display, was developed by Qualcomm as an alternative to its existing display on portable devices and is capable of enhancing the battery life of devices. The company, which primarily makes mobile phone and radio chips, plans to invest $1 billion to set up plants for manufacturing the display.

Kyobo, which is the largest book seller in Asia, is planning to make its entry into the ebook market dominated by Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Nobel's Nook e-reader devices. The company plans to launch the Kyobo e-reader, which is based on a customised version of the Android 2.3 operating system.

The companies said in a joint statement that the device, which will also use 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 processor, is going to be priced at 349,000 won or $305.