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Real Facebook Smartphone Codenamed Buffy

HTC may be planning a smartphone with Facebook at its core according to an article (the first in a series) published by Forbes' Liz Gannes and Ina Fried.

The device has been christened Buffy after the TV vampire slayer hottie played by Sarah Michelle Gellar and, like the rumoured Amazon Kindle handset, will be based on a modified version of Android.

As expected the platform will be significantly modified to incorporate Facebook's services with deep integration of HTML5 - for platform development - very likely.

Sources told AllthingsD that the handset, which may also have Samsung as a potential partner, may not come to market until the end of 2012, by which time it might be based on Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Buffy is not the first smartphone to come to market with a Facebook stamp on it. Motorola, HTC and Inq Mobile have also released a few different handsets with dedicated Facebook features.

With a mobile hardware strategy, Facebook will be rivalling its traditional partners; a move that emulates both Amazon and Google, whose remit is now increasingly spilling over from their traditional business with the likes of the Kindle Fire and the Motorola acquisition.

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