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Samsung To Launch Google TV Set In 2012?

Samsung is said to be in the "final stage of talks" with Google to launch a television set (or a range of them) in 2012 that uses Google's TV platform, commonly known as Google TV.

The Korean giant - which ranks as the world's number one flat panel TV manufacturer -currently has a SmartTV range which uses Samsung's own proprietary operating system.

Yoon Boo-Keun, president of Samsung's visual display division, told the Wall Street Journal that the product (or products) won't be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

To say that the Google TV platform has been encountering teething problems since its launch would be an understatement. Logitech, which was the launch partner for Google TV with the Revue, has already said, via its CEO, that the project was a mistake, which has cost the company a cool $100 million.

In addition, Samsung has stated that it wants to use its own Bada OS in television sets in the near future. Expect Samsung to use ARM chipsets, possibly its own Exynos range, rather than relying on Intel, in a bid to cut its power consumption and development costs.

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