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Skinny is Ultra-thin iPad 2 Case with Integrated Keyboard

An iPad case called Skinny was bound to be slim but Hatch & Co.'s case is really impressive in that regard; at only 15 mm thick (without the iPad), Skinny is the thinnest iPad case incorporating a keyboard.

The case has a built-in Bluetooth keyboard; the touch keyboard has a texture that gives a natural feel to typing while freeing almost 40% of the display and is spill and dust proof.

The battery is said to last two weeks or six weeks in standby mode. Acting as a smart cover, the Skinny case sends the iPad to sleep or makes it wake up when the cover is closed or opened.

When the case is open, the keyboard is slimmer than the average pencil. The Skinny Keyboard case is also very convenient and flexibile - the user can put the iPad in stand up position and use it like a laptop.

All buttons are fully accessible and there is a whole in the back of the case to allow use of the camera.

Obtainable from the Hatch & Co. website (opens in new tab) for $90, Skinny Case is available in white or black with assorted colour pallets for the keyboard, brown tones for the white version or grey tones for the black one.

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