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Specialised Contact Lenses Receive Email and Text Messages

A contact lens that allows the wearer to receive and check email and text messages has been developed. Such lenses give the wearer "info-vision" which is actually "hands-free information updates streamed across your field of vision."

At present, the device has only one single pixel, but soon researchers are hoping to produce lenses which can display text as well as short email messages.

When fully developed, the lens could be used for gaming as well as navigation systems and could also be linked with biosensors in the body to provide up-to-date information about glucose and lactose levels.

Researchers in Finland and the US have created these contact lenses, which are thinner and flatter than the usual lenses. They also have antenna that accepts power without wires, as reported (opens in new tab) by Metro.

Professor Babak Praviz, co-author of the study, confirmed that there are no adverse side affects as shown by various tests, however, there is a need of working more to create better high-resolution displays.

At present, the one problem researchers must overcome is the human eye, which has "minimum focal distance of few centimetres" that are incapable of resolving objects on contact lens.