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Supply to Apple Top Priority for Unibody Chassis Manufacturers

Apple's dominance over the supply of unibody aluminum chassis is forcing Ultrabook makers to switch to alternative materials.

According to a report on Digitimes, Ultrabook manufacturers are moving to high-density fiberglass and aluminum chassis with plastic internal parts.

Apple uses uniboday aluminium chassis for its MacBook Air laptops so component makers are giving Apple the highest priority. Also, as a typical unit produces eight unibody aluminium chassis every day, it is difficult to accommodate the demand of PC makers other than Apple.

"The sources pointed out that the limited capacity is the major issue of the unibody chassis since each CNC machine can only produce one unibody chassis every three hours, meaning a machine can only produce eight pieces each day," the report read.

"Since Catcher Technology, the largest unibody chassis manufacturer in terms of capacity, is still suffering from the production stoppage at its plant in China, non-Apple vendors are mostly unable to retrieve enough unibody chassis supply for their ultrabooks as Catcher is giving Apple priority supply," it added.

Bin Chuan Enterprise and Chi Cheng Enterprise are the only two companies that offer the aluminium based design with internal plastic parts that Ultrabook makers are looking for.