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Three unveils more stats surrounding their network traffic

Mobile phone network Three has made public more information about data over their network, where Facebook use comes up very high and over 130 terabytes of data is passed through the network every day.

The news comes only a short time after Three released the info that 97-percent of all the traffic over their network is data, where only 3-percent was actual voice.

Three has published the new data in a blog post to their website, also from their CTO technical department.

The network notes that every month 1.24 billion Facebook pages are viewed from mobile phones running on their network, where back in July Three announced free Facebook access until January 31st 2012.

‘137 terabytes of data pass across our network every day. That’s a giant figure that accounts for 40% of all of the UK’s mobile data traffic combined – roughly the equivalent of 35.8 million iTunes tracks being downloaded on a daily basis.’ – states Phil Sheppard.

60-percent of Three customers are now smartphone users, where only a year ago that figure was 30-percent. The network expects that number to rise to at least 90-percent over the coming year, when customers upgrade to the latest smartphones.

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