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Xbox Live Users Attacked by Phishing Scam

Several thousand Xbox Live users have been hit by an email based phishing scam, with scammers tricking them into revealing account details and then stealing money from their accounts.

Microsoft said it is aware of the attack and is conducting an investigation. Earlier this year, Sony's PSN platform was hacked, jeopardising 77 million users around the world.

According to an article in The Sun, hackers sent bogus emails to users offering free Microsoft Points; virtual Xbox Live currency. Unsuspecting users were then redirected to a website which asked their account details.

Once the details were given, hackers were able to steal money from the victims' accounts. The Sun claims that hackers have stolen £100 from compromised Xbox Live accounts, but in some cases, more than £200 has been stolen.

The thieves stole the money in small intervals over a week so the theft would go unnoticed. Microsoft is reportedly offering refunds to users who could prove they did not give away their password, which is strange because if users did not give away their passwords then they would not need a refund.