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AMNews: New Xbox 360 Dashboard, Apple Stores, Apple Holds Highest Number of Patents, Contact Lens Receive Emails?

The new Xbox 360 dashboard is currently under beta testing by some gamers. The new dashboard interface will be identical to Windows Phone 7 and will be introduced on December 6th 2011. The new dashboard will have Bing voice and YouTube search, additional Kinect's voice recognition features, better and deeper integration with Facebook and cloud storage functionality which users have had to wait a long time for.

The former head of Apple's retail division, Ron Johnson, who along with Steve Jobs, turned Apple Stores into a successful business model, has said that he had to ‘reimagine' everything. In an interview in the December 2011 edition of the Harvard Business Review, Johnson said that he reinvented the retail business by focusing more on consumer experience.

Apple owns the largest number of patents than any other consumer electronics company. According to the Patent Scorecard report released by IEEE, Apple was ranked 14th in terms of patent ownership in 2009, but surged to number one in 2010, ahead of tech and innovation behemoths like Hitachi, Canon, Sony, and Panasonic.

A contact lens that allows the wearer to receive and check email and text messages has been developed. Such lenses give the wearer "info-vision" which is actually "hands-free information updates streamed across your field of vision." At present, the device has only one single pixel, but soon researchers are hoping to produce lenses which can display text as well as short email messages.

Showing their faith and optimism, Canalys' analysts said they are hoping shipments of PC's and tablets will rise about 15 percent in the current year. According to statistics released by Canalys, Apple will dominate the market.

Ravi Mandalia

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