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Apple co-founder offered latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich mobile phone

India based title The Economic Times has it that Apple's Steve Wozniak was gifted the latest Google Android phone, after a tweet was sent by the iPhone 4S company’s co-founder.

The Economic Times has published an article that Steve Wozniak was gifted a Samsung Galaxy Nexus by the Internet search engine giant, after he posted to his Twitter account that he was looking into the device – but knew it probably wasn't available yet.

‘Wozniak was given a Samsung Galaxy Nexus device, the first phone to run Google's Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, on a visit to the search giant's campus’

The website has it that it has been widely reported that Wozniak told Dutch paper De Telegraaf that Google's Android mobile operating system was better than Apple's equivalent, iOS, because it boasted more features.

Whilst adding – ‘Wozniak subsequently sought to clarify his comments, saying he was misquoted by the paper, and that he would "never" say that Android was better than iOS.’

He acknowledged that Android would be a very popular operating system with consumers, but pointed out that almost every app he used was a better experience on the iPhone.

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