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Apple Recruiting Executives for Cloud Computing Division

Apple is reportedly on the look out for senior executives to run its cloud computing division as it tries to reinvent the way people store their data using its iCloud service.

Citing people familiar with the matter, The Wall Street Journal revealed that Apple is planning to hire senior level executives with strong backgrounds in web based software.

Sources revealed that Apple has already gotten in touch with at least one top level Internet entrepreneur since the start of the year and has also been in talks with recruitment agencies for the same.

The report comes as Apple is trying to centralise the manner in which its Mac and iOS customers store their data, allowing them to store documents, photos, videos, music and movies on the cloud, accessible from anywhere, instead of storing the data on different devices.

When the late Steve Jobs unveiled the iCloud platform in October, he had said the company planned to ‘demote' the PC and Mac to being just devices while users stored all their data on the cloud, providing greater accessibility and freeing space on the machines.