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Apple and Samsung Continue World-Wide Legal Battle in Paris

Apple attorneys recently accused Samsung Technologies of waging an all-out patent war as part of the world-wide legal disputes between the two technology giants.

The latest battleground is Paris where Apple is trying to defend themselves against Samsung's effort to get a preliminary injunction against the Apple iPhone 4S in France on the basis of infringement of Samsung's 3G patents.

Apple's legal team has said,"This is the latest attempt in the 'total war' against Apple, as Samsung's management have called it, which is nothing other than an attempt to push Apple out of the mobile market," as reported by The Register.

Earlier, a Netherlands court ruled against 3G patents of Samsung on the grounds that as a recognised standard the company is "supposed to license on reasonable, fair and also non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms" to any interested party.

In many cases, European courts often consider rulings and orders issued by each other. In addition to this, the investigation by the European Commission into breach of various competitive laws by Samsung, which has been mentioned in the Paris court of by Apple,makes the situation more favourable for Apple and against Samsung.